The ergonomic design for the safety and health of your baby

Das ergonomische Design Für die Sicherheit und Gesundheit deines Babys



Babies' bodies are very delicate. Not age-appropriate positioning of your baby can have serious long-term effects. After all, everything is still growing. And the maturation of the body always follows the same plan. Your baby knows their limits best, so you shouldn't artificially push them to sit or walk. When your baby is ready, it will try to expose itself, crawl, and so on. Ergonomically designed baby carriers such as the MerryTune also follow this principle. They have both the needs of the Both the carrier and the baby in view. So that neither you nor your baby suffer from bad posture.
Your baby needs that
Apart from the fact that the baby carrier should be comfortable for both of you, the needs of the baby and you are of course different. Here you will find all the points that you should pay attention to so that your baby is fine.
The head: Especially young babies who cannot hold their heads yet need special support. The adjustable head section of the MerryTune adapts perfectly to the needs of your baby. It's also handy when your baby falls asleep. Because even older babies can of course not keep their heads upright while sleeping. Then just pull the headboard up so your baby can sleep peacefully even if you move.
The airways: Regardless of the type of baby carrier, always make sure that your baby can breathe freely. The adjustable head section of the MerryTune can be pulled up at the shoulders and gives your baby enough room to breathe. Do not place a burp cloth or anything similar in front of your child's face that could make it difficult for your child to breathe.
The back: As I said, it takes a while for babies to have enough muscles to sit up straight. And even for adults it would be uncomfortable and exhausting to sit bolt upright for several hours. Therefore, babies and toddlers should be able to sit in a baby carrier with a rounded back. This is a more natural posture for your spine and makes the baby comfortable. The design of the MerryTune ensures that your baby sits in the so-called C-posture with a rounded back.
The hip: Babies' hips are not quite mature either. The MerryTune ensures that your baby can sit in the M-position. This means that the legs are slightly higher than your baby's bottom. From the back it looks like an M. This protects the hips and your baby sits comfortably, even over a long period of time.
Adjustment of the straps: The MerryTune has adjustable straps, because every child and every adult is of course different. The MerryTune can be used for babies from a weight of 7 kilograms, i.e. about 6 months. The MerryTune is too big for smaller babies and they don't sit securely. The correct adjustment of the straps is important so that your baby cannot fall out to the side. It should sit close to your body. But of course the belts shouldn't be like that either be set firmly so that it becomes too tight and uncomfortable for your baby.


This is what the MerryTune offers you
Your baby is only fine if you are also fine! With a tense back it is probably difficult for everyone to be calm and relaxed. That is why the manufacturers of the MerryTune have also paid attention to the needs of the wearer.
Magnetic closures: The magnetic closures make it super easy for you to put the stretcher on. Thanks to the magnets, the two buckles almost find each other by themselves without any inconvenience.
Adjustable straps: Thanks to the adjustable straps, you can adapt the MerryTune to your own body. If you want to take turns carrying, the straps can also be made larger or smaller.
Light design: The MerryTune is designed for babies from 7 to 15 kilograms. That alone is enough weight, which is why the manufacturers have made the MerryTune as light as possible. Who needs a baby carrier that is heavy?
Distribution of weight: Anyone can do without back pain. You have probably already felt the difference between an unergonomic backpack and a high-tech hiking backpack. Just like a good hiking backpack, the MerryTune helps to distribute the weight on the hips and shoulders as widely as possible so that they are not tense after just a few minutes.
Breathable: In addition to their own body heat, the child's body heat is also added when carrying a baby. It's so nice and cozy on colder days. But if it gets hot, the mesh material of the MerryTune helps so that your sweat is directed to the outside.
Small and compact: If you want to stow the MerryTune or take it with you, it can be conveniently folded up. It can be stowed away very easily and is with you everywhere.