The MerryTune baby carrier as a high chair

Die MerryTune Babytrage als Hochstuhl

At home you have everything imaginable in terms of equipment for the baby, and in the initial delight you have probably bought and received more than you need. But even the things that turn out to be useful, of course, cannot be dragged everywhere with you all the time. Multifunctionality is therefore super practical. And it sounds almost too good to be true, but the manufacturers of the MerryTune have really come up with something here. The Merrytune baby carrier transforms any chair into a baby chair in just a few simple steps. So your baby can sit at the table with you when your friend visits, while having coffee and cake. You have more freedom and still don't have to worry about your baby falling off the chair. This feature is suitable for all children who can sit alone. If your baby can't do this yet, you will unfortunately have to wait a little longer until it has enough muscles to hold its upper body upright. If your baby's back is still too weak, you will otherwise damage the spine.