The right baby carrier for your needs

Die richtige Babytrage für deine Bedürfnisse
Baby carriers have become increasingly popular in recent years. No wonder, because a baby carrier has many advantages that young parents in particular appreciate. Science has shown that bonding with your caregiver is very important to babies' development. And the physical closeness that comes with carrying a baby naturally promotes the bond between parent and child. But many parents also switch to a baby carrier for practical reasons, because it often makes everyday life easier and less complicated. Finding the right baby carrier is not that easy. After all, there are many different variants and products. The article should help you to get an overview and we'll tell you why we particularly like MerryTune.
What should I watch out for? 
Especially with the first child, parents are often overwhelmed by which products they need and what is the right one. After all, the range of baby products is very large. We want to help you choose the right baby carrier and therefore share our experiences with you. When buying a baby carrier, you should pay particular attention to the following points:
  • Security: The top priority is of course that your baby cannot fall out of the carrier or be injured. You should also make sure that the baby carrier adequately protects and holds the head. And the baby's back should not be burdened by the position in the baby carrier. 
  • Comfort: In addition to safety, the comfort of the baby carrier is also important. You and your baby shouldn't get bruises or sores from wearing them. Therefore, make sure that the baby carrier fits well and can be adapted to you and your baby if possible. 
  • Practically: So that you can still enjoy the baby carrier even after a long time, you should make sure that the baby carrier offers you practical functions that support you in everyday life.

This is what the MerryTune offers you

Your baby is only fine if you are also fine! With a tense back it is probably difficult for everyone to be calm and relaxed. That is why the manufacturers of the MerryTune have also paid attention to the needs of the wearer.

  • Magnetic closures: The magnetic closures make it super easy for you to put the stretcher on. Thanks to the magnets, the two buckles almost find each other by themselves without any inconvenience.
  • Adjustable straps: Thanks to the adjustable straps, you can adapt the MerryTune to your own body. If you want to take turns carrying, the straps can also be made larger or smaller.
  • Light design: The MerryTune is designed for babies from 7 to 15 kilograms. That alone is enough weight, which is why the manufacturers have made the MerryTune as light as possible. Who needs a baby carrier that is heavy?
  • Distribution of weight: Anyone can do without back pain. You have probably already felt the difference between an unergonomic backpack and a high-tech hiking backpack. Just like a good hiking backpack, the MerryTune helps to distribute the weight on the hips and shoulders as widely as possible so that they are not tense after just a few minutes.
  • Breathable: In addition to their own body heat, the child's body heat is also added when carrying a baby. It's so nice and cozy on colder days. But if it gets hot, the mesh material of the MerryTune helps so that your sweat is directed to the outside.
  • Small and compact: If you want to stow the MerryTune or take it with you, it can be conveniently folded up. It can be stowed away very easily and is with you everywhere.