The Benefits of Baby Carriers - These are the benefits for your baby

Die Vorteile von Babytragen - Das sind die Vorteile für dein Baby

Most parents of course first and foremost have the positive development of their sweetheart in mind. New parents in particular want to do everything right, so here are an overview of a few points that convince me in particular about babywearing.

binding: A few decades ago, it was still believed that babies had to be cut off quickly and made self-employed. For example, children who were just a few months old were allowed to cry themselves to sleep, thinking that constant mothering would spoil the babies. Fortunately, this attitude has long since been dropped. Studies have found that children need caregivers they can trust. Only then do they feel safe enough to explore the world around them. Constant screaming is pure stress and incredibly exhausting, and not just for adults. The baby also consumes energy as a result. Instead of developing physically and mentally healthy, it tries to scream to secure attention and thus its survival. Baby carriers can prevent that.

The fact that your baby can be very close to you very often in a baby carrier helps to build a strong bond. You get to know each other and you learn to interpret your baby's signals. This way, you can attend to your baby's needs before they even start screaming to get your attention. In return, your baby feels safe and secure. The baby carrier also helps your child to sleep better. If you wear the baby carrier on a day-to-day basis, it doesn't have to lie alone when you nap, but knows that someone is always there to take care of it. This will make your baby cry less and sleep better.

Colic: Sooner or later all parents are confronted with this issue. Having a child screaming and feeling helpless are two of the worst things for parents. Putting your baby in a carrier during colic can bring some relief, however. The upright posture is more comfortable for your child and being close to you also calms your child. After all, we adults like to be looked after a little too, especially when we feel bad.

Bodily development: Ergonomically designed baby carriers like the MerryTune are also good for your baby's physical development. Because your child sits in it in an optimal posture for growth. The back is in the round C position, so your baby's spine is protected. Children should sit up straight at the earliest when they can sit upright without help. And the hips also tend to be incorrectly positioned if they are in the wrong position, which must be corrected with so-called splayers. If your baby is sitting in the MerryTune, it automatically adopts the M-position. That means the bottom is lower and the legs are slightly apart while the knees point upwards. The baby's bottom and legs form an M, hence the name. Lying on the floor is also important for a child's healthy development. Babies have the freedom to try out their bodies, learn to turn, sit up and so on. But if the child lies most of the day, first in bed, then on the play carpet and outside in the stroller, the back of the head can flatten out due to the constant weight. Because the skull plates of babies are still soft and not fully developed. This may have to be corrected by wearing a helmet. But if your child spends a lot of time upright in a baby carrier, it won't get that far in the first place.

Cognitive and Linguistic Development: Your baby is close to your everyday life and sees, hears, smells and feels stimuli that it would not experience in a stroller or on a play mat. If you carry your child in front of your chest, they can watch you speak. It has been found that this is how babies and children learn language best. It is not only important to hear, but also to observe the people around you. And everything else that the baby perceives also helps him to get to know his world. It is like a sponge that soaks up everything that happens around it and learns from it.

Breastfeeding: Many mothers would love to breastfeed their babies. But it's not always that easy. On the one hand, there is no practice at the beginning, maybe it is uncomfortable outside the house or the milk production just doesn't work that well. Many mothers therefore appreciate breastfeeding in a baby carrier when they are out and about. The child is easier to put on and you are automatically protected from prying eyes. Frequent baby carrying also slightly stimulates milk production for many. And if your baby is already close to you, you will automatically be reminded to put it on.

Premature babies: You have probably already heard of the premature babies, who are regularly allowed to cuddle on the bare torso of their parents, develop better. Even when you are out of the hospital, the baby carrier helps to build in a lot of body contact and cuddling time in everyday life.