The advantages of baby carriers - advantages for parents

Die Vorteile von Babytragen - Vorteile für Eltern
Carrying a baby is not only beneficial for your baby; you as a mother, father or other caregiver can also benefit from it.

Contact possibility: With more and more colorful family models, it is no longer just the mother who wants to bond with the child. Fathers and other caregivers also want to be there for their baby and want to get in close contact, get to know each other and be trusted. Carrying a baby is particularly suitable for this. The baby learns the smell, the voice, the heartbeat, the gait of the wearer and they become a unit over time. 

Cheap: Young families in particular do not necessarily have unlimited budgets. And let's be honest, children are simply expensive. Especially at the beginning you need an incredible amount of equipment. A baby carrier like the MerryTune has the advantage that it is cheaper than a stroller.

Portable: Many prams can be folded up, but they remain heavy and still take up a lot of space. The MerryTune, on the other hand, can be easily folded up and taken anywhere.

Hands free: Unfortunately, even when you have a baby, the world does not stand still. Okay, for a moment. But then the usual tasks of everyday life will soon be waiting for you again. Shopping, cleaning, running errands. In the MerryTune, your baby can be very close to you and your hands are still free to do everything. If there are older siblings, you can spend time with them and play without your baby lying apart. This way you grow together as a family and there is less cause for jealousy.

Keeps you active: Especially if you were already into sports before, you will be happy about the opportunity to be active with the baby. If exercise is not your friend, but you would like to shed a few pounds from pregnancy, baby carriers can help. Although the MerryTune ensures that the extra weight of your baby is optimally distributed over the shoulders and hips, you still carry it around with you. So you do a little workout all the time with no extra effort.

Slow separation: This point concerns all new moms. Throughout the pregnancy, your baby and you were as close as can be. You get to know its habits and quirks as soon as it starts to move within you. And your baby knows your voice and your heartbeat like no other. The birth is therefore not only a welcome to life, but also a farewell to your time together. With baby carriers you can slowly get used to being apart from each other. You can still spend a lot of time closely connected, but you can also learn to enjoy the moments when you are apart. There is even some evidence that baby carriers can help relieve postnatal depression.