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The MerryTune baby carrier combines all of the above. The creators have also come up with a few ideas to make them as suitable for everyday use and practical as possible. It is suitable for babies from 6 months and toddlers up to about 36 months. Babies from 7 kg to 15 kg can be carried. This means it can also be used as an "emergency transport" if your child gets tired while walking. 

The advantages of MerryTune at a glance:

  • A lightweight: MerryTune is around 20-30% lighter than other baby carriers. That makes wearing less strenuous and more suitable for everyday use. 
  • With the help of experienced mothers and professional ergonomic designers created: This means that the baby carrier sits comfortably, regardless of whether you carry it on your chest or on your back. 
  • Use of mesh material: We usually know this material from sportswear and sporting goods. The mesh structure of the material makes it particularly breathable. As a result, the sweat is quickly drawn out from the wearer and the child.  
  • Waterproof: The baby carrier does not soak up full of water in the event of an unexpected rain shower, so it is suitable for all weather and all seasons.
  • Easy to adjust: In addition to safety, a comfortable seat is the most important feature. Thanks to a magnetic buckle on the back, the MerryTune baby carrier can be adjusted easily and without much fiddling.
  • Adjustable headrest: Nothing is more sensitive than a baby's neck. Therefore, until it is strong enough to hold its own head, it must always be well supported. MerryTune has built in a headrest that can be adjusted to the size of the baby. The head is always well protected by the padding. 
  • UV protection: Babies' skin is very susceptible to sunburn and therefore needs to be well protected. The MerryTune baby carrier absorbs dangerous UV radiation. Make sure to protect all parts of the body that are not covered by the baby carrier with appropriate clothing or sunscreen. 
  • Baby seat: MerryTune has come up with a real highlight. Because the baby carrier can turn a normal chair into a high chair in no time at all. Especially useful when you're out and about with friends. So your baby doesn't have to sit on your lap all the time and is still as safe as on a child's chair. 

What we particularly liked

There are countless products on the market for baby carriers, which one you choose ultimately depends on your own needs. However, the MerryTune was able to convince us primarily because of these points.

The design: The baby carriers from Merrytune are super simple and modern. We particularly like the colors and the simple design of the stretcher. It is not only practical, but also visually appealing and can be easily integrated into your own style. The simplicity of the MerryTune in particular attracts attention.

Matching accessories: In addition to the baby carrier, there are also two practical extras. A carrying bag in which you can stow the baby carrier on the go. The bag has a cute hummingbird motif. There is also a warmer that can be attached to the baby carrier. Perfect for keeping it cozy and warm even on colder days. The pretty warmer is attached by a wide band and can be individually adapted. 

Multifunctional: The MerryTune can not only be used as a stretcher, it also turns almost any chair into a child seat. It can be strapped to a normal chair in just a few simple steps so that your baby always has its own space on the go. So you never have to worry about it falling down somewhere. 

Multiple carrying options: The MerryTune can be worn on the back or on the chest. Depending on how convenient it is for you. This is particularly useful when you wear it for a long time because you can change the way you wear it in between. In addition, when you carry your baby on your chest, you can either face you or face outwards. So you can have your baby close to you, but also give him the opportunity to discover the world together with you.