Baby carriers in the outdoor area

Babytragen im Outdoor Bereich

Baby carriers are becoming increasingly popular, especially with active parents. There are many different types of tools, each with their advantages and disadvantages. In addition to the traditional slings that are individually tied and classic full buckles that can be fully buckled baby carriers such as the MerryTune, there are now many hybrids. The Mei Tais or Half Buckle carriers are a mix of cloth that has to be tied and adjustable buckles. Most parents who are enthusiastic about the outdoors swear by full buckle wearing.


The buckles allow the baby carrier to be adjusted to the carrier without the risk of having to readjust it after a while. Tied towels can slip, especially if you don't have a lot of experience. That doesn't happen with buckles and everyone is used to using buckles, at least through the satchel, during their school days. This makes handling super easy. The ends of tied towels, on the other hand, can quickly get in the way if they hang down on you. In the worst case, there is even a risk of stumbling, especially when hiking. Even if towels are a great way to carry your child, especially for small babies, in the outdoor area a full buckle system like the MerryTune is simply ahead in our opinion.

Out and about in wind and weather

As a real outdoor fan, you want to spend as much time outside as possible. No matter if spring, summer, autumn or winter nature calls for you! The MerryTune has been designed for long-term use in all weather conditions. No upgrade is required for daily use.

Rain: If even a rainy day can't stop you, then the MerryTune still offers you an advantage. It is water-repellent and, unlike normal cloth, it does not soak up directly with water when it rains. After all, your baby shouldn't have to sit in a soaking wet carrier even after an unexpected downpour.

Heat: And provisions are also made for hot days. In summer or on a strenuous hike, you can quickly work up a sweat. The joint body heat of you and your child is an advantage on cold days and keeps your baby warm. On hot days, however, the heat quickly leads to your baby getting your sweat off. Thanks to the mesh material, which is also used in sporting goods, the MerryTune is also breathable. This allows your sweat and heat to be dissipated to the outside.

Cold: As soon as it gets cold and uncomfortable outside, most of them just stay inside. But if you are not one of the warm showers and want to be active outside in autumn and winter, there is the perfect gadget for you. With the warmer accessory of the MerryTune you can ensure that your baby stays cozy and warm even on cold days. The stylish envelope is simply tied around the MerryTune and not only looks chic, but also provides enough warmth. Nothing can stop you like this.

Perfectly adjusted to you

Whether you are doing sports or hiking, the correct fit of the baby carrier is also important. Full-buckle systems offer another advantage. Like a good hiking backpack, they have wide hip and shoulder straps. This distributes the weight on your body and is more comfortable to carry. In addition, the baby's weight is close to your body, which makes it easier to maintain balance. And with the baby on your back, climbs and more complicated sections are especially easier because you can see exactly where you are stepping. You just don't want to stumble, especially with a baby. Before the first hike, it is best to get used to your baby carrier in everyday life, then you will immediately feel safer. 

Comfortable for your baby even on long journeys

Of course, it is first and foremost important to parents that their baby is well. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the MerryTune, your baby sits in the C-position with a rounded back in the carrier. This is important because it prevents damage to the spine. The so-called M-posture also protects the hips. Your baby sits a little lower with the bottom, while the knees point slightly up and out. So you can survive longer hikes safe and sound.

A lightweight

Every gram counts, especially on longer hikes. The MerryTune was therefore kept as light as possible. After all, it is suitable for babies from 7 to 15 kilograms, that alone is a well-filled hiking backpack. So if you literally want to make it easier for yourself, the best thing to do is to choose a model with a low weight. With only about 500 grams, the MerryTune offers you a lot of function and freedom without making your life harder than it has to be.

Super stylish

Okay, I admit, functionality is much more important than appearance, especially in the outdoor area. So if you don't care what your baby carrier looks like, I can understand. But I think the colors of the MerryTune are really nice and the whole design has been kept simple. I also like it optically very much.