How do I put the baby carrier on?

Wie lege ich die Babytrage an?
A baby carrier is not only super practical on excursions, but also in everyday life, for example when cleaning at home, your baby can always be with you and you develop a strong bond. This makes your baby feel safe and you encourage his or her curiosity to discover the world. The best prerequisite for healthy mental development and a happy baby. But how do I best put on the MerryTune?
Practice, practice, practice!

You may have seen other mothers routinely put on the baby carrier. But maybe you have no experience at all and are wondering how you can get your baby safely into the carrier without help. Don't worry, it's easier than you think and after a few repetitions you will have the routine you need. If you are very unsure, practice the steps without your baby first. Instead, you can use a pillow or bag of flour as a "baby substitute" for exercise. If every move is correct after a few tries, you will feel much safer when laying your baby. But don't worry, it's really not that complicated and you'll quickly get the hang of it!
The sitting postures
First of all, you need to decide how you want your baby to sit. There are three different seating positions for baby carriers like the MerryTune.
Inward facing on the back
Inward facing on the stomach
    The different positions are suitable for different situations. The inward-facing seat is particularly suitable for small babies, so they can snuggle up to you. Babies who are not yet able to hold their heads themselves also need a headrest to be supported. You therefore wear it on your stomach with your face facing you. Your head is supported by your chest and the head section of the baby carrier. Older children who can hold their heads securely can also be carried on your back. This is often especially useful if you move around a lot. For example with housework. If the child is sitting facing outwards, they can observe their surroundings very well. This position is particularly good when you notice your baby is awake and very curious at the moment. If your baby is getting tired, you can also carry them face in towards you. It can still look around a bit, but it can also fall asleep comfortably. You can also quickly find out for yourself which sitting posture your child likes and when. After all, every child is different and has special preferences.


    Placing the baby carrier on your stomach
    Laying on your stomach is the easiest for most people, so you should practice this position first. The MerryTune has a wide hip belt and two shoulder straps that can be connected with a buckle. If you want to carry your baby on your stomach in front of you, first buckle the MerryTune's hip belt. Make sure that the hip belt is tight but comfortable and cannot slip over your hips. Then you hold your baby with one arm in front of your chest. With the other hand you pull up the baby carrier and thread your baby's feet through the two openings. Then you can put your free arm through the shoulder strap while still holding the baby with your other arm. Then you switch arms and slip your other arm into the shoulder strap. It's like putting on a backpack on your stomach. Finally, you have to fasten the back strap, which prevents the shoulder straps from slipping off. The manufacturers of MerryTune had a clever idea so that you don't have to fumble behind your head for a long time. The back buckle of the MerryTune is magnetic and easy to close. And you're done.
    To protect the head of younger babies or sleeping babies, the Merrytune has an adjustable head section that you can pull over your head. This stabilizes the head and rests securely on your chest.


    Placing the baby carrier on your back

    Putting on a baby carrier on your back seems a bit more complicated, but with practice it becomes a breeze. The first steps are the same as when buckling up in front of your chest. First you strap on the baby carrier with the hip belt. Then you hold your baby with one arm in front of your chest, with the other you bring the baby carrier up and thread the baby feet through the openings. Then you hold the MerryTune with one hand on both shoulder straps. Your baby should already be seated securely and not be able to fall out. Now turn the MerryTune onto your back, your free hand can help to turn the hip belt. Hold both straps very tightly and upwards so that your baby is as close to your body as possible during the rotation. Then you can grab the matching shoulder strap with your free hand and carefully push your arm through. Now the other arm followed and you are almost done. Close the magnetic buckle of the MerryTune that connects the two shoulder straps. Now nothing can slip anymore!
    Always keep your baby's safety in view.
    Make sure that all the straps are securely in place so that your baby cannot slip out of the baby carrier. But not too tight either, so that it is not uncomfortable.

    When you want to pick something up from the floor, do not bend over. In the worst case, your baby could slip out of the carrier! It's safer if you bend your knees instead. This method is also gentler on your back, which is relieved by it.

    Do not carry the baby in potentially dangerous situations. Even if it is practical to always have your baby with you during everyday life. For example, when cooking, you'd better settle it. Hot steam and splashing oil can quickly damage your baby's delicate skin.

    With an ergonomically designed baby carrier like the MerryTune, there is basically no limit to how long you can carry your child in it. The design prevents postural damage. Nevertheless, you should also give your baby the opportunity to lie freely and move around. This allows them to see the world from a different perspective and train their muscles to crawl, run, etc.